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Mercury Signs

I love Mercury, it’s my favorite planets other than Pluto. It explains why I’m studying to become a Literature and Art teacher. Communication; Writing, Reading; Greek version of Hermes. Hermes was the trickster between gods and humans, he led recently deceased souls to the Underworld entrance. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, but Virgo is the… Continue reading Mercury Signs

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Girl Meets World: An Interesting but Failed Concept

Twenty years ago ABC Family birthed a cult classic called Boy Meets World. Audience members grew attached to Cory and Shawn’s adventures as the greeted life. 1999 saw the show end after seven seasons dismaying many people but this wasn’t the end of Cory, Shawn, and Topanga. In 2014 Micheal Jacobs pitched an idea to… Continue reading Girl Meets World: An Interesting but Failed Concept


A Writer’s Astrology

Originally posted on michaelalexanderchaney:
Writing takes imagination. It goes without saying that writers are magical thinkers. This means that we tend to be superstitious. We may love haunted houses and wild speculations, antiques and termite-hollowed logs. Many of us like astrology almost as much as we love gossip and the luxurious smell of new paperbacks.…


How to Create Characters Using Astrology

Originally posted on Word Hunter:
This post is an accompaniment to a character archetype post G for Gemini. Here’s how I create characters based on an archetype from the Western Zodiac, with explanations of astrology for writers. Zodiac Archetypes Whether you believe in astrology and having a particular set of character traits based on your…

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SmoonStyle Astrology

Epica is one of my favourite modern bands. All of their lyrics have the theme of truth embeded into their songs. So it makes sense that I’d follow Simone’s blog at SMOONSTYLE and I’d do an astrological reading on her. It also doesn’t hurt that she shares the same house placements that I do. I… Continue reading SmoonStyle Astrology


Watching Time

Time froze, father time existed but refused to make the seconds tick forward. Each moment kept unticking away: 6:05 and six seconds. 6:05 and five seconds, four, three, two, and one second. Time went by fast, true, but that was only because time slowed down faster. 6:07pm. The old time fart let the minutes move… Continue reading Watching Time

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Mystery Pumpkin

As you all know I love dark colours. It doesn’t matter if it’s black or brown or whatever–although people, from my mom to my friends, have told me I wear a bit too much black–I love dark colours. I very rarely wear bright colours. I only have one red shirt(and its of Oriental design) and… Continue reading Mystery Pumpkin