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Mercury Signs

I love Mercury, it’s my favorite planets other than Pluto. It explains why I’m studying to become a Literature and Art teacher.

Communication; Writing, Reading; Greek version of Hermes. Hermes was the trickster between gods and humans, he led recently deceased souls to the Underworld entrance. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, but Virgo is the only sign where it’s both exalted and dignified in. Mercury is debilitated in Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius. However Mercury is one of the few planets that do well in any house despite preferring the third house of communication. Fire Mercury’s are blunt, Air Mercury’s are detached, Earth Mercury’s are pithy, and Water Mercury’s are intense (they always are). Mercury retrograde in your chart make words difficult to come by, like you speech works backwards in meaning before reading it forwards.

Whenever reading any chart look at the house the planet, don’t focus on the sign as much. When looking at Mercury look at the House it’s in and then look for the where the where the traditional ruler of said house is. That’s where you’ll learn what you communication style is and what it’s focused on. (Ex—I have Pluto in my third house so my communication is penetrating but Mercury is on my seventh house so I’ll focus on deep, transformative relationships.) Many writers have third house or Mercury dominant and/or Gemini in their rising sign. Jo Rowling, Neil Gaiman, and one of my best friends have third house dominant. I have a Mercury dominant. Mercury people can seem fickle and overly changeable.

Aries Mercury/ Mercury Rising

Playful, forceful. If you have Mercury on you ascendant you’re probably a chatterbox.


Jukka Nevalainen of Nightwish [Taurus Sun & Aries Mercury]

Taurus Mercury/Mercury 2nd

Musical, soothing. You’re Kvothe from Name of the Wind. You communicate to make others feel better.


Bono of U2 [Taurus Sun & Mercury. 3rd House Dominant]

Gemini Mercury/Mercury 3rd

The Gossip, the Writer. You communicate like your life depends on it. Since Mercury rules Gemini you want to get your thoughts out without revision.


Helena Bonham Carter [Gemini Sun & Mercury]

Cancer Mercury/Mercury IC

Higher level of Taurus Mercury. You communicate to help people, you’re a how-to book, the book you read on a cold, rainy day.


Taylor  Momsen of The Pretty Reckless [Sun in Leo & Mercury in Cancer}

Leo Mercury/Mercury 5th

Fun. Mercury in your fifth makes you very vocal about your hobbies.


Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil  [Leo Sun & Mercury IC]

Virgo Mercury/Mercury 6th

Consice, a higher octave of Gemini Mercury. You take communicate and read between the lines, you’re the first critic here.


Tarja Turunen of Nightwish, ans solo artist [Leo Sun & Virgo Mercury]

Libra Mercury/Mercury Dsc

The Singer and Artist of the Mercury signs. You’re a romance novel, your voice are musical notes to those around you.


Jim Root of Slipknot [Sun and Mercury in Libra]

Scorpio Mercury/Mercury 8th

Reticent. You don’t reveal your thoughts easily. Mercury in the Eighth house wants to dig up secrets to face the truth of the matter.


Neil Gaiman [Sun & Mercury in Scorpio]

Sagittarius Mercury/Mercury 9th

Blunt and Philosophical. Mercury here focuses on the broad where it is uncomfortable, Mercury is better suited for the specific not the hypothetical.


Suzuka Nakamoto of Babymetal [Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius]

Capricorn Mercury/Mercury MC

The Final Draft before Publishing. Capricorn Mercury/MC is a perfectionist, they “kill their darlings” to make sure everything said is what they mean and vice versa.


David Bowie [Capricorn Sun & Mercury 12th House]

Aquarius Mercury/Mercury 11th

The Computer. These people communicate for a massive audience since its sister sign is Leo. Mercury in the eleventh house is very close to their friends.


Marilyn Manson [Capricorn Sun & Aquarius Mercury 6th House]

Pisces Mercury/Mercury 12th

The Poet. These people are the nonsensical poems written by Lewis Carroll. A Mercury twelfth want to reflect on words because they know that they can and often do hurt.

Yoko Ono [Aquarius Sun & Pisces Mercury]


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