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Fictional Astrology: Riley Matthews


Fictional Character Astrology Post: GMW R. Matthews
General: Dec 8, 2001 at 6pm in NYC New York

  • Sign Dominants: Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius
  • House Dominants: 6th, 12th, and IC
  • Planet Dominants: Sun, Moon, and Saturn
  • Numerology: 5 (The Freedom Seeker)
  • Tarot Cards: Temperance & Hierophant [x]
  • Native American Zodiac: Owl [x]
  • Celtic Zodiac: Hawk/Falcon [x]
  • Chinese Zodiac: Metal Snake [x]

R. Matthew’s Personal Planets

  • Sun in Sagittarius in 6th House
  • Moon in Libra in IC (4th House)
  • Mercury in Sagittarius in 6th House (Dt)
  • Venus in Sagittarius in 6th House
  • Mars in Pisces in 9th House
  • Jupiter in Cancer R (Ex) in AC (1st House)
  • Saturn in Gemini R in 12th House
  • Uranus in Aquarius (Dg) in 9th House
  • Neptune in Aquarius in 8th House
  • Pluto in Sagittarius in 6th House
  • Chiron in Sagittarius (Ex) in 6th House
  • Juno in Leo 3rd House in 3rd House
  • Lilith in Pisces in 9th House
  • N. Node in Gemini S in 12th House

R. Matthews’ Houses

  1. Cancer (AC)
  2. Cancer
  3. Leo
  4. Virgo (IC)
  5. Libra
  6. Sagittarius
  7. Capricorn (DC)
  8. Capricorn
  9. Aquarius
  10. Pisces
  11. Aries
  12. Gemini

A real horoscope is more than just the sun signs you read in the newspaper, it is a map of the heavens at the time a person was born. Is astrology real or fake depends on who you ask but astrology was our first science before Astronomy and sciences in general became a thing. Astrologers give clients this advice: the stars incline, nothing is set in stone. I love doing fictional character readings and in Girl Meets Home for the Holidays, Shawn tells us Riley’s birthday including birth certificate time. Her birthday is December 6, 2001 at 6:00 pm. First thing, this tells us that she is fifteen years old, just a few months younger than Maya. Secondly this tells us Riley is a sixth house Sagittarius. Famous Sagittarians include Ville Valo (H.I.M), Amy Lee (Evanescence), Maria Brink (In This Moment), and Taylor Swift. Things to keep in mind: the planets—sun through Pluto—are the characters, the signs are what kind of characters they are, and the houses are the settings/areas in the native’s life. In Riley’s natal chart (another name for horoscope) we see the very prominent theme of service vs self-care/self-need. As an astrologer I see this in her Cancer, Moon, sixth and twelfth house dominants. I also see this in her Libra/Aries interception.

What does it mean that Riley Matthews is a Sagittarius? This sign is the wanderer, the Philosopher it explains why Riley wants to learn everything and try on different faces in the show. It explains why she has high beliefs in spirituality and why she has this warmth that people are drawn to. However this sign lives in the sixth house—the sign of health, work, and service—whenever anyone has sixth or MC (tenth house) dominant the person can become a workaholic and/or their health will be heavily influenced by their moods. Mutable signs here want flexibility in their work. I have three planets in this house so I know what I’m talking about. Sagittarius here means Riley wants a job that will expand her mind or be surrounded by coworkers who will help her with that. Speaking of expansion, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the planet of luck, philosophy, and expansion. Riley has her lord in her ascendant/rising. The Rising sign is the sun in the East that tells us about the appearance a person gives off. Riley’s Jupiter is in Cancer exalted (strengthened) and in her Rising. Cancer Jupiter’s create their luck when they care for themselves and their loved ones. They’re also blessed with beautiful families, friends, and a beautiful personality. Obviously we see this aesthetic within the show by how Riley is constantly caring for those around her. And having Jupiter in Riley’s rising sign gives her a larger than life personality.

Riley Matthews has an IC, Cancer, and Moon dominant in her chart which is important when you remember that Cancer rules the IC (fourth house) and the Moon. With these placements strengthened in her chart Riley wants to nurture, heal others. The IC represents home and family. Virgo rules her IC meaning that she’ll live in an organized, orderly home and she’ll want to create that order when she builds her own home and family. We see her wanting to exercise control in ‘She doesn’t Like me’ when Riley discovers a classmate doesn’t like her. Riley does everything she can to change that to no avail before realizing that not everyone wants to be friends with her. Cancer ascendants are like all water ascendants: there’s an extra duality to the face they show. These people tend to be prone to more domestic fields, they’re the people who have always wanted to start their family, and be close to their own family and friends. They’re also the type to not know what they want out of life until they have that where they realize that they want to achieve some kind of goal. In the show, Riley doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life or what her talent is. We’ve seen everyone condemn her for going too slow, even if she’s uncomfortable with the fast pace of the world. If the sun sign is our ego, the Rising Sign—aka the Ascendant—is the face we show the world. Cancer Ascendants slow things down.

Since the IC and moon represent the mother Riley needs a mother who’s grounded, however Riley’s moon sign is in Libra. Riley wants to create beauty and peace, she also need to find balance in her emotional energy. Riley wants peace among her friends explaining why she acts as a mediator between them. Riley wants Lucas to realize he isn’t just his past which is why she doesn’t mention his “dark side” much. In ‘Mr. Squirrels’ Riley apologizes for not defending Maya yet when Maya doesn’t accept it, Riley’s forced to explain her side. She tells her that Lucas insulting Maya wasn’t uncalled for since Maya’s given him zingers before and Lucas always took it. Libra moons want to create the balance and help people see the other side of a situation. However within the show Riley’s speech doesn’t always come out well, astrologically we see this in her detrimented Mercury. Mercury’s in Sagittarius and though it’s stronger than a Pisces Mercury, Sagittarius here makes the native blunt and a little forceful. At other times this makes Riley seem more insightful. When Maya tells Riley to “do something evil” Riley bites Zay’s cookie (‘Haltertop’) yet when she gives Farkle a menorah she explains that she gave him that because she wants him to realize that he isn’t just his heritage. The Torah is read right to left so whatever Farkle decides he is still himself. Plus with her Libra moon Riley will put emphasis in her romantic relationships as well.

When looking at a person’s love life astrologers look to a person’s Venus and Mars in their horoscope. Venus is the Roman Aphrodite, Mars is the Roman Mars; both are the feminine and masculine counterparts of love and attraction. Venus is what we desire, it is beauty. Mars is how we attain that, sex itself, and what we fight for. Riley has a Sagittarius Venus and Pisces Mars. Fire Venus’ aren’t subtle they know who and what they want, until the right person comes along this turns off a lot of people. I have an Aries Venus meaning that I want a man to be upfront with me. Someone with a Sagittarius Venus wants someone to be active with, share their beliefs with, someone as energetic as they are. It explains why Riley’s dating Lucas instead of Charlie Gardner. Riley’s attracted to a strong boy one who can protect her and bring out the truth that she hides. Riley wants the truth, all Sagittarians want this, but because of her Libra influence she’s not going to know how to bring this out into the open. But Riley also has a Pisces Mars which doesn’t want to be here and would rather be in Venus, yet like a Virgo Mars, Pisces can take it or leave it. Pisces here is ruled by its emotions and can become too much for their lover especially with Riley’s Sagittarius Venus. Yet this Mars is similar to her Libra Moon because both planets want beauty and are attracted to pleasing, charming things. We see this in Riley’s Poetry love, her nature love, the color purple. So Riley wants astrong, masculine man but one that cares for her in an intimate fashion.

This leads me to Riley’s Pisces MC. The MC is our reputation, it’s not our career like our sixth house is, it’s what we want in our career. Pisces MC will bring out the fairytale in life, that it can be attained. Beauty is everywhere and a Pisces MC wants to tell people that. Riley wants people to believe in something, after ‘Belief’ she learns that it doesn’t have to be spiritual but can be anything. Riley’s overjoyed that Maya loves her art, that Lucas now believes that he can become a better person. But despite wanting this outward beauty it’s tough for her to admit it partly stemming from her Virgo IC. It makes her overcritical about herself believing that she cannot attain this. Riley wants to seem like everything, because Pisces is everything, but when she can’t keep up this façade the beauty seems to fade to ugliness. If the show gets picked up by another network we could see a deeper depth to Riley’s desires on the show. Realize that she can have that fairytale and that beauty in the outside world. An astronaut on a horse.

How do I discuss an Aries/Libra interception, let’s begin with a quote with an astrologer who has this in their chart, Alyssa Sharpe:

“[…] You might have heard “Wait your turn” or “Share” more than was actually necessary. Reading that, you might feel a pain in your heart, as you remember how you never felt like anything actually belonged to YOU. Not your toys, or even your personal space, it was always something you should “Share.” Not having anything of your own, creates a strong desire to truly know yourself now, and create something that only you can have.

Interceptions are when the native didn’t get a sign’s lesson in their chart so they have to learn that missing lesson on their own. In Riley’s chart she’s missing the solo aspect of her personality, everything she has is given to someone else. In the show’s run, what does Riley have that is her own? While it’s true that she is more than happy to share her life with her loved ones she doesn’t have much to herself. Siblings share their parents, friends share each other, there’s no exclusivity in these arenas. But Riley should receive equal attention from Topanga, her little brother shouldn’t get all of it. Yet it doesn’t stop there, Riley’s not allowed to form a solid personality, her protection squad makes sure of that by telling her who she is. Her friends and Cory won’t allow her to explore her identity. For example punishing Riley for her Harajuku phase in front of the middle school. No one allows her to have her own feelings. In ‘Rileytown’, ‘STEM’, ‘Sixteen’ everyone tells her that she’s overdramatic, or in ‘Haltertop’ they condemn her for the cookie incident yet forgive her best friend straight away. Speaking of Maya, Riley ends up giving everything to her. For a girl who has a hard life, she gets (almost) everything so easily. When Riley wants to discover her talent she’s dismissed while Maya’s praised or when she wants to discusses her feelings, Maya’s thoughts and emotions become the priority. Riley’s not even allowed her own relationship. Midway through the show she has to share Lucas. She not allowed her own intellect. Riley’s book smart but not a genius like Farkle. Her intelligence gets a lower priority to Maya’s academic struggles. In ‘Permanent Record’, though played as a joke, Topanga moves Riley’s refrigerator grade and replaces it with Maya’s Spanish grade. Riley shouldn’t have to share her parents with her best friend or at least have a closer mother/daughter relationship with Topanga. In the show, Riley’s only allowed her kind heart. All of this is intensified because in this interception is her Libra moon sign.

MOON: Your emotional nature was denied. Maybe you were told to conceal your sadness (or even your happiness) so as not to upset those around you. You have a hard time getting in touch with your true feelings–even when you try, it’s like they are hidden behind some invisible force field. The Moon is also representative of your mother figure, and so you might have had a hard time connecting to your mom. No matter how hard she tried (or didn’t try) she could never give you what you needed. When you finally connect to your Moon–which you will–you feel an emotional power and intensity that you never knew you had inside you.

In ‘Home for the Holidays’ we discover Riley’s birthday, however we don’t know Maya or Lucas’ birthday. ‘Master Plan’ is Maya’s birthday episode but we don’t know when she was born. In my opinion Maya would have an Aries sun and Scorpio Moon. Fanon/Canon implies that Maya is a year older than Riley and six weeks older than Josh (February 14th) this is problematic because in order for Maya to being the new school year with Riley, she’s have to be born sometime in 1999 and not 1998. For this to work Maya’s birthday would need to be in January or February making her and Josh closer in age than three years. ‘Master Plan’ show’s that her birthday is in the Spring/Summer months, since school is in session Maya’s birthday would either be between March and May. This explains why Maya turned sixteen before Riley yet keeps her younger than Josh. Astrologically Maya falls under one of the Aries cusps – Aries/Pisces or Aries/Taurus. Maya’s sun/moon combinationgives her a powerful persona since both signs are dignified by Mars. A Scorpio moon Maya needs honesty in her upbringing, if the child doesn’t receive this they won’t know how to be honest themselves or others. Katy Hart meant well in withholding the truth about her husband she caused distrust with her and her daughter. Scorpio moons feel a lie or omission is betrayal on the other’s part. At their core any Scorpio planet is sensitive but mask it well, we saw this happen multiple times with Maya. She stole a locket in ‘Truth’ and along with Riley lie that Farkle can act. In ‘Meets Father’ she feels hurt when Cory fails her on a test. In ‘Yearbook’ and later ‘Texas’ Maya feels guilty for her secretiveness towards Riley about almost kissing Lucas. It’s explained by the fact that Maya wants a normal family and wants not to feel Broken. All of these are very Scoprion-esque when they’re at their lower vibration level – aka the scorpion. By ‘Goodbye’ Maya moved past that thinking when she says hope isn’t for suckers. Here we see Maya achieve the Phoenix level of her Scorpio Moon.

As for Lucas I feel he’s have a Taurus sun, Aries moon combination. He has no ambition which leaves Capricorn out and isn’t obsessive like a Virgo is. Taurus is the bull fitting Lucas’ hardheadedness and the fact he actually rode a bull. Mars’s associated with aggression and dignifies Aries which fits both him and Maya in terms of their Mars signs. Being a moon sign Lucas want this side of himself hidden but Fire doesn’t like containment eventually exploding on the individual. What makes these two compatible is that Mars reigns in their chart being dignified in Scorpio and Aries.

As for Venus signs I felt that Maya would be an Earth Venus taking a practical slow course toward love. In the love triangle, and with Josh, Maya takes longer to go about her romances. Lucas is Prince Charming I felt that his Venus is dignified in Libra. A Capricorn Venus is attracted to an older partner, one with ambition explaining her attraction towards Josh. Earth signs take longer to have kids or settle down depending on a planet there is placed. Maya’s goals include wanting to become an artist and her Aries Venus makes her impatient for things and toward people. In the Josh episodes, she’s desperate to date him putting it at odds with her Venus who wants to slow things down—also what Josh wants. Like a Pisces Venus a Libra Venus connects themselves early on to a partner and even if a romance doesn’t work out they’ll remain affectionate toward the other person. In Ski Lodge, Lucas maintains his friendship with Maya and in Goodbye he tells Riley he’ll treasure his romance with her as well. There he says that he’ll always be proud that she was his first girlfriend. This Venus wants someone to share their life and create new meaning, this is similar to Riley’s Sagittarius Venus. The problem here is that Lucas’ Aries Mars is still opposed his Venus where we have equally strengthened signs but they’re unable to meet them halfway. How does Lucas reconcile his prince charming persona with his inner Jesse James? And it’s this unbalance that ruins both pairings; the desire for balance causes imbalance among them. Libra also represents the Shadow as well as balance.

All three of these kids have their Venus and Mars squared/opposed this means there’s disconnect between the love they want vs how they achieve their desire. Squares are problematic due to communication lacking between the planets involved. These aren’t impossible placements because the planet signs are all of the same modality, meaning they’re after the same goal but possess different means of achieving said goal. Mutable squares are a little better because this conflict’s defined by communication they need only to decide on a singular method. Fixed and Cardinal Squares don’t have that in place so they’ve the difficult job in find common communication grounds before acting. My own chart contains a cardinal square involving Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, and Mars and even now it’s still a struggle for myself. Riley has a mutable square in her Sagittarius Venus and Pisces Mars. Maya and Lucas have a Cardinal Square in their individual charts. Synestry is astrology of relationships being the only “Compatibility Astrology” that matters. Fire-Air couples make better significant others but whoever an individual’s attracted to will trump same element compatibility. Being a Pisces I’ve felt more attracted to Fire men and have been on one date with a fellow water sign (Scorpio). Synestry is taking both persons’ horoscopes and seeing how they align in a relationship, this is where sextiles and squares will come to play when I discuss the Lucas pairings astrologically. Mutable signs get along with everyone so we’ll ignore Riley for now, Cardinal and Fixed signs can go either way. I feel that BOTH Lucas pairings are solely physical with nothing deep about either of them. As the audience we can’t pair him with the protagonists since there is nothing behind Lucas. He’s the flawless pretty face who cannot accept either girl and vice versa. There’s a definite physical attraction between the three that astrology can explain.

Lucas and Maya’s Venus-Mars signs have similar goals with the same energy trying to achieve them. Having an Aries Mars gives them an attraction they can’t ignore we saw this in their banters, daydreams, and during the campfire -this is why fans ship them together—but they don’t exactly know how to have depth without this tension or without someone pushing them (Lucas with Riley has similar issues too.) Maya doesn’t admit some feeling until Lucas forces her during the campfire. She doesn’t say she likes him being with her until she asks him if she’s ever said anything nice about him. Even then she does so to even things out. Lucas has the same problem, Lucas complements Maya only when the situation’s charged with energy. He champions Maya’s art when the program’s cut when he hasn’t said anything about her art before. He calls her beautiful twice and that “Maya is Maya” but he doesn’t say what that is. Without these situations neither of them can dive deeper with their romantic feelings. Aries Mars would rather forego emotions – except passion and anger – and stay with the physical. This is the battle sign, the sex sign and explains why I’ve only seen Lucaya (Lucas/Maya) as only a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. Cardinal square romance can work out especially since these two have the same Mars sign but Maya/Lucas’ differing Venus signs give them different views towards romance and in addition to this moon signs it is unlikely their romance would end well.

I believe that Maya and Lucas’ respective suns are semi-sextiled meaning that they can become blinded by the other but are able to separate themselves from each other much easier than a conjunction. In this perspective these two are better suited than Lucas and Riley but Maya/Lucas’ moon signs make this a difficult romance. We understand that Scorpio and Aries Moons want emotional honesty from their partner. Fire signs differ from the other three elements because they become more antagonistic compared to the others. All elements will shut down during duress but Fire takes a different approach where instead of detaching from both sides Fire will separate from the other side. In this case a Fire Moon will use force to gain honesty. With Lucas and Maya we see this during New Years’ Eve and at the campfire. The campfire has physical attraction, we’ve seen this throughout the kids’ friendship too but we also see Maya’s emotional needs undone. Scorpios want control: Maya wants the upper hand in her Lucas teasing, control over her emotions, she’s annoyed when Lucas fights back. She didn’t like it when he called her a short stack of pancakes (really Disney). During the campfire Maya is still unsure of her feelings and does whatever she can to avoid Lucas’ interrogation. She doesn’t like admitting that she “likes” him and will only cop to saying that she doesn’t like lying to Riley. This is Maya keeping control over the situation but Lucas’ grabbing her face and almost kissing her throws Maya off balance. The moment is no longer hers, uncertain of any actions from that point on all power now belongs to Lucas. When he tells Maya not to tell Riley, Maya still wants control—and truthfulness—back and telling Riley about this moment allows Maya that option. Yet she’s unable to when Riley accepts Charlie’s date making Maya subordinate to Lucas even longer. Maya constantly tries to take control over her emotions with Lucas but always loses. She has the upper hand ONLY when she says she likes Lucas being with her at midnight. During the game Maya thinks she can be honest but is dominated by Lucas eating the game card. The truth is out but she doesn’t want to admit it so she eats the card as well.

This doesn’t mean the Riley and Lucas fare any better though. We’ve established that sun sign compatibility doesn’t reveal much about a couple’s relationship. Riley’s planets show that she’ll become over accommodating while Lucas becomes stagnant on his part. In terms of sun sign compatibility Lucas and Riley’s suns would be quincunxed where this is the definition of opposites attracting, however this isn’t impossible. What is Sagittarius? Its knowledge, understanding, finding middle ground between the micro and macro sides of life. What is Taurus? Its tenacity, beauty, being stubborn about personal convictions, all things this sign has in common with Sagittarius. What makes this a difficult aspect is that they go about these desires in different ways and need constant adaption to tolerate each other. The upside is that these two will never bore each other. In Girl Meets World, there was always something that amazed Lucas and Riley about each other whenever they discovered something new. The problem is, is that their moons are opposed each other; they’ll see each other’s viewpoints but they’ll have trouble getting there. Riley is too much for him. Lucas is already blunt but the rare time when Riley is he can’t handle it. Libras are other oriented so it does take others by surprise when they focus on themselves for a change. Both are swayed by their Mars signs are easily swayed by emotions so we can ignore this. But Riley Sagittarius Venus trines Lucas’ Aries Mars; communication and attraction will come easily for them. Trines can become lazy because they don’t have to try as much as other placements, in their case their relationship runs the risk of stagnating (‘New World’ and ‘Bear’). Looking at their placements we seen the biggest ship sinker for both pairings: none of them can give the other what they need. Lucas can give the girls passion and vice versa, but they can’t give each other the emotional depth in a romantic partnership. Lucas can’t match Maya’s ambitious tendencies and can’t give Riley the emotional soundboard that she needs.

Now my fellow Boy Meets World fans I haven’t excluded you. I personally feel that Cory is a Pisces Sun/Cancer Moon, Topanga a Virgo Sun/Cancer Moon, and Shawn a Sagittarius Sun/Scorpio Moon. As for the other characters Josh is an Aquarius Sun/Pisces Moon, Smackle an Aquarius sun as well. Farkle would be a Capricorn sun, and Zay a Leo sun. What I want to know is what you all think their other planetary placements might be and what their Rising Signs and Midheavens might be.

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