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I fell in love with a blogger’s post called the 3 album tag, and it pretty much goes as follows. Rules – Post your top three albums, explain why you like each of them and share your favorite song from each! You can get the templates from here. You all don’t have to do this as a graphic though, you can just post your albums or list them and then list the songs. 🙂

  1. Requiem for the Indifferent by Epica
    Stay the Course

    “I should warn you to never compromise. Instead I want you believing the disguise.”

    I love Epica and Simone Simons and not only because of the fact that she’s a Capricorn, and I follow her style blog, but because the reoccurring theme in the band’s work is ‘truth.’ (Or what most writers know as verisimilitude). And like the other albums on here, their music tells a story. The song ‘Stay the Course’ follows that truth and also says “Fuck it all and the shit people do. I’m going to go my own way and do what I love.” 
  2. Wild Card by ReVamp
    “Taken for granted, blinded we live. We see our dreams die out, no substitutes.Only at the precibus we change.”

    Like Simone, Floor Jansen is my Metal woman crush. I got into After Forever in high school and the first song I heard with Floor was ‘Face Your Demons.’ Though I loved her in the band and their music had a melodic, fantasy feel, Wild Card, ReVamp, and now, Nightwish, shows what Floor can really do. Wild Card , to me, is all about evolution, meaning growth as a person. Floor tells a story of that fall from you life, and not being able to enter back into it until you see your blindness. Until life knocks you on your ass, telling you something isn’t working. So ‘Precibus’ is a song I can really relate to.
  3. Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa by Cradle of Filth
    Mistress from the Sucking Pit

    “On the precipice of her poisonous kiss, the devil dwells deep inside this girl.”

    The feminist death metal fan in me does cartwheels when I listen to this album. I’d like to see Cradle of Filth live and would love to meet Dani Filth. Dani has said that Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa follows the mythical woman Lilith. His lyrics take the biblical, holy versions and actually make Lilith a well-developed character. This album has the mot beautiful descriptions, not just of this woman but of settings and stories as well. ‘Mistress from the Sucking Pit’ make me feel more feminine and sexual with the death growls. With all that harsh masculinity it makes my own feminity and power more pronouced (although I can say the same for Death Metal in general. lol.)

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